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Improving Access to Health in Colorado

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We love our volunteers!

The 9Health Fair could not happen without its volunteers. We greatly appreciate your efforts. We hope this course helps you learn about important health issues in Colorado and ways you can improve access to health and healthcare.


At 9Health Fair, we believe that all people should have access to a healthy lifestyle. We also believe that all people should get the health care, screening, and information they need to stay healthy without barriers like lack of insurance or unpredictable costs. Working together, we can improve the health of Colorado.

In this course you will learn more about Colorado’s health and what you can do to improve health outcomes. You will learn about the:

  • Health of people in Colorado
  • Factors that affect our health
  • Important role of health screening in finding disease and improving health outcomes
  • Ways you can improve access to health and healthcare

This course also lists opportunities for you to do more in your community. It also includes websites and reports so you can learn more about health topics covered in this course.

Course Topics

  • Colorado’s Health
    Although Colorado ranks among the healthiest states, a closer look shows major health differences between groups. Some health differences depend on racial or ethnic group, education, income level, or location.
  • Health Disparities and Healthcare Barriers
    In this module we will look at social issues that affect our health and common barriers that make it difficult for some people to access healthcare.
  • Access to Health
    In this module, we will describe what access to health looks like and ways we can reduce health disparities.
  • Health Screening and Prevention
    Health screening is an important way to find disease. In this module we will see why it is important to take action when an abnormal result is found and how a healthy lifestyle can help prevent disease.
  • Do More
    This list of organizations offers ways for you to become more involved in the health of your community.
  • Learn More
    This section includes resources to help you stay informed and learn more about the health issues and topics covered in this course.

Throughout the course you may see a “Thinking Points” box like the one below to help you consider how you can make a difference for Colorado and your community.

Thinking Points

  • How can you make a difference in the health of your community?

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