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Colorado's Health

Income and Poverty in Colorado

chart showing Colorado median income by race

Colorado median household income in 2009 was $55,735 (U.S. median income: $50,221). Median household income is the “middle” amount of income for households. For example, 50% of households earned more and 50% earned less. It includes money earned from all members of the household.

The chart to the right shows 2006 median income in Colorado households by race. The median income for the White group is slightly more than the overall median income. Median income is much lower for Latino and Black/African American groups at $35,941 and $34,563. Median income for these groups is more than $20,000 less than for the White group.

See a U.S. map of median income levels

Source: Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities in Colorado 2009 (Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment)

Thinking Points

What do you think?

Which of these counties has more than 50% of its population living below poverty?

Denver County
Mesa County (western Colorado) 
Alamosa County (southern Colorado)
Crowley County (southeastern Colorado)

See Federal Poverty Guidelines


In 2009 alone, how much did childhood poverty in Colorado increase?


See which Colorado counties have the highest percentages of children in poverty

Source: 2011 Kids Count in Colorado

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