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There are many organizations in Colorado and in the U.S. that focus on access to health issues. Each of the organizations listed below has opportunities for you to become more involved, depending upon your interests.

Categories include the following (last three categories are on the next page):

Thinking Points

As you look at these organizations, consider:

  • What organizations most interest you?
  • Which of your interests and skills would be useful to these organizations?
  • Do you know other people who may want to get involved? (Send them the link!)

Colorado Organizations

9Health Fair
The 9Health Fair provides free and low-cost health screening throughout Colorado. Volunteer opportunities include medical and non-medical site volunteers, phlebotomists, bilingual coordinators, hotline volunteers, project managers, training specialists, distribution coordinators, office support and many others. Volunteers are needed during the health fair season and year-round.

Asian Pacific Development Center
The Asian Pacific Development Center provides culturally appropriate health, mental health, and related services to their communities. They employ a holistic approach to address the total well being of individuals and families. The Center understands that there continues to be barriers of language, culture, and generational issues underlying social determinants that impact wellbeing. By addressing poverty, education, employment, and access to different support systems, they contribute to the empowerment and overall health of everyone.

Aurora Health Access
Aurora Health Access is a coalition of advocates, healthcare providers, and volunteer community members working to strengthen the healthcare system to meet the needs of everyone in Aurora. Coalition members believe that working together as a community, they will create a healthcare system in Aurora that meets the needs of every resident.

Boomers Leading Change in Health
Boomers Leading Change in Health is a volunteer effort to improve the health and access to healthcare of individuals and families in Metro Denver. Training is provided for volunteer opportunities such as patient navigation, community health worker, or advocate.

Clínica Tepeyac
Clínica Tepeyac provides culturally competent healthcare and preventive health services for the medically underserved. The clinic serves uninsured or underinsured, low-income families, providing medical care, preventative care and education that promotes health lifestyles and families. They seek volunteers to be community outreach workers, clerical assistants, and other positions for special events.

ClinicNET is a Colorado non-profit corporation committed to strengthening Colorado’s safety net by empowering organizations that provide healthcare to vulnerable populations. Clinic NET serves Community-funded Safety Net Clinics and Rural Health Clinics that provide primary healthcare and chronic care services to low-income, uninsured and underinsured individuals and families in Colorado. NOTE: ClinicNET and The Colorado Rural Health Center work together to provide advocacy and support to mutual safety net providers.

Colorado Area Health Education Center (Colorado AHEC)
The Colorado Area Health Education Center (Colorado AHEC) is a partnership between Colorado’s academic and healthcare communities. Colorado AHEC improves healthcare provider education and enhances healthcare services throughout Colorado. You can advocate for healthcare by participating in one of AHEC’s healthcare conversations. Discuss issues with other community members, community leaders, healthcare providers, activists and elected officials. See a list of upcoming topics or view video of previous conversations.

Colorado Black Health Collaborative
The Colorado Black Health Collaborative is a community-based organization that is committed to improving health and wellness in Colorado’s Black, African, and African American communities through collaborations, partnerships, and teaming arrangements with community-based organizations, non-profits, public organizations, private entities and government agencies.

Colorado Children’s Campaign
The Colorado Children’s Campaign works to ensure every child in the state has the support to grow up healthy and access to high quality healthcare services. Their child health agenda is focused on two primary objectives: (1) ensuring healthy development by promoting access to adequate nutrition and opportunities for physical activity, and (2) expanding access to high quality healthcare.

Colorado Coalition for the Medically Underserved
The Colorado Coalition for the Medically Underserved (CCMU) believes “our healthcare systems in Colorado can meet the needs of everyone in our community.” The Coalition’s mission is to “ensure healthcare systems across Colorado meet the needs of the medically underserved, providers and systems of care dedicated to caring for the underserved.”

Colorado Consumer Health Initiative
The Colorado Consumer Health Initiative is a statewide, consensus-based membership organization comprised of over 200 organizational and individual healthcare consumer advocates, forming a unified voice for consumers in Colorado’s healthcare reform debate. The organization acts as a unified representative of its members and partners at the legislature and in the community to influence and shape effective healthcare policy to ensure barrier-free access to quality healthcare for all Coloradans. They also work to empower consumers to know more about the healthcare system, and to provide tools for improving it.

Colorado Rural Health Center
The Colorado Rural Health Center has served as an independent, nonprofit, membership-based organization for more than twenty years. They advocate for the health needs of individuals and families living in the rural communities. They offer programs and services to ensure that rural communities have access to adequate healthcare. NOTE: ClinicNET and The Colorado Rural Health Center work together to provide advocacy and support to mutual safety net providers.

Denver Indian Family Resource Center
The Denver Indian Family Resource Center assists American Indian children and families in the metropolitan Denver area with child welfare issues. They advocate for active efforts toward family reunification following the standards of the Indian Child Welfare Act through culturally appropriate services and intensive case management using a strengths-based and empowerment-oriented approach.

Inner City Health Center
The Inner City Health Center provides comprehensive primary and dental care services for uninsured individuals and families from the Denver Metro area. Adult, pediatric and prenatal care services are available. They provide seminars on oral care and prevention, nutrition, childhood obesity, the importance of immunizations, healthy lifestyle education, early detection and treatment management of chronic conditions such as diabetes.

Latin American Research and Service Agency
The Latin American Research and Service Agency works to lead and influence change to improve the quality of life for Latinos by increasing the Latino community’s capacity to improve its self-sufficiency and status in health, education, and other human services. The agency uses the tools of community outreach and involvement, social action research, education, cultural-competency training, leadership development, and advocacy.

Marillac Clinic
The Marillac Clinic is a community clinic that provides medical, dental care for children and adults, optical, medications, and integrated mental healthcare designed to serve low and moderate income, uninsured and underinsured individuals and families in Grand Junction. A sliding scale fee structure makes access to quality healthcare affordable for those who otherwise would have nowhere to turn.

Project Health Colorado Project Health Colorado
Project Health Colorado is a group of organizations and individuals interested in health care issues, learning more and standing together to make health care work better for Coloradans. Project Health Colorado encourages people across state to find solutions and make a difference in how we make health care decisions.

Rural Community Resource Center
The Rural Communities Resource Center is a grassroots, nonprofit organization in Northeast Colorado. The Resource Center provides advocacy, education, and support to create systems change and develop programs that promote the physical, emotional and economic health of the area. The objective of the organization is to ensure that a comprehensive range of health, educational, and human services programs are available to the isolated, rural population of Northeastern Colorado.

The Center for African American Health
The Center for African-American Health is a community-based organization that provides disease prevention and disease management programs to African Americans living in the metro Denver area. The Center partners with a wide variety of health-education and health-delivery organizations to develop and provide culturally appropriate disease prevention and disease management programs to thousands of African Americans each year. They offer programs on diabetes, cardiovascular disease, breast cancer, prostate cancer, and colon cancer, as well as a wellness program for seniors, and health literacy training.

Women’s Resource Center
The Women’s Resource Center in Ft. Collins, reaches out to women who cannot afford medical and dental healthcare services. They connect women to mammograms, exams, diagnostic services and treatment through patient navigation services. They also frequently host free mammogram vans throughout Larimer County that are available to women age 40 and older. They connect women to checkups, low-cost diagnostic services and treatment; creating a package of support with patient navigation assistance when needed.

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